Modes CrossFire - Watching Replays

Cross Fire movie makers rejoice! Updates to the replay system are here! Watch your conquests and winning strategies in style and comfort with the ability to fastforward and rewind Cross Fire replays!
Additional features include displaying each player and their health in the game and allow you to select them to move easily to ther view. Fast Forwarding up to 8 times normal speed and selecting specific times within the replay and more!
Make movies and montages even easier with this new system!


»Press Q to active the Player List.
»Click each player to center the screen on them.


»Right or Left click to scroll through the players in the game.


»Fastforward replays in 2x, 4x and 8x speeds.
»Rewind replays in 10 second increments.
»Pressing ESC closes the replay


»This displays a cursor and allows you to use your mouse to select the various features in the replay (represented by the blue buttons)


»While in free camera mode you can use these keys to move around the map.


»Pressing print screen or clicking the button with the mouse after pressing control takes a screenshot.


»Click on this bar to go to a specific time.


»Press different F-Keys to switch view modes

Modes CrossFire - Mutation


Originating as a secret U.S. military project, “Titan” is a bio-weapon that utilizes nanotechnology to alter a subject’s biological makeup, creating a cybernetic organism with increased combat performance.

En route to an underground testing facility in South Africa, Titan was stolen by Black List forces. Their goal: create an army of super soldiers to crush Global Risk for good.

Initial tests with Titan proved promising. Almost immediately, subjects displayed increased mental awareness and physical prowess. Then suddenly the subjects began to display strange side-effects. Sharp horns protruded from their shoulders and their skin became oddly discolored. Reacting to these changes, the test subjects became emotionally agitated and aggressive. They refused treatment and became difficult to control and contain. These physical changes escalated until finally one day several subjects made a violent escape. At the time, the scientists did not realize that the effects of Titan could be spread to other hosts through simple physical contact. The result was globally devastating.

What is now known as “The Mutant War” ravaged the world as millions of people were transformed in mere weeks following the initial Mutant escape from the Black List laboratory. After months of conflict, the mutants were eventually quarantined to “Zone 13” in the United States and an international cargo port in South Africa. World military powers refused to breach these infected zones. Only Black List and Global Risk forces dared enter to hunt the remaining mutants and reclaim the territory.


Mutation Mode requires Black List and Global Risk forces to team-up against a Mutant enemy who has the ability to transform other soldiers into Mutants and evolve through more powerful stages with unique abilities.

Each Mutation Mode match begins with a countdown from twenty (20). During the countdown, all soldiers are on the same team. Players can set up a defensive perimeter or formulate strategies to combat the oncoming Mutant onslaught during this countdown. When the countdown is up, one or two soldiers are transformed into Mutants at random (depending on the number of total players). This can quickly disrupt any strategy set up by the soldiers during the countdown.

As a soldier, the object of the mode is to eliminate all Mutants or survive until the match timer expires. As a mutant, the object of the mode is to transform all soldiers into Mutants before the match timer expires.


Soldiers can combat Mutants with an assortment of new weaponry including: an advanced version of the M60 machinegun, the all-new RPK machinegun, and a Mutation Grenade. The Mutation Grenade is an anti-mutant explosive that deals greater damage than regular grenades and harms only Mutants.
Over time, soldiers will run out of ammunition in attempting to eliminate the Mutants. Soldiers can replenish their ammo and pick up items by retrieving supply crates that are dropped at certain locations around the map. Often soldiers will have to abandon a defensive position in order to reach one of these supply crates. Supply crates can contain ammunition or additional weaponry.


Mutants combat soldiers by attacking them with swipes from their massive claws. A quick swipe is mapped to the left mouse button, while a stronger but slower punch is mapped to the right mouse button. Mutants can also equip the “Mutation Spike”, a powerful axe with increased range and infused with Mutant-making nanotechnology.
An alternate mutant form called, Dread, can also be purchased from the Z8Games Item Mall or won via the in-game Black Market.


Mutants come in three forms, each representing a stage of their Mutant evolution. As the Mutants evolve their appearance changes and they gain extra abilities. When a soldier is first transformed into a Mutant they become a “Slug” – the base level Mutant evolution. As Mutants transform more soldiers to their side, they will evolve through two more Mutation stages, “Berserker” and “Titan”. The “Berserker” possesses more health than the “Slug” and a special “boost” ability (activated by hitting the “G” key). The “Berserker” is identifiable by the spikes protruding from its back and shoulders. The final Mutant evolution, the “Titan”, possesses more health than the “Berserker” and is recognizable by its large spikes and yellow veins. Soldiers who are turned into Mutants at the start of the match begin at the "Berserker" evolution.

Modes CrossFire - MISSIONS


Missions give players the ability to earn extra rewards for completing tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
New missions are set every month. Once set, the player completes the required task for a reward. Multiple tasks completed during the month’s mission-set give the player larger rewards.


Missions are broken down into 3 types: Kills, Games Won and Games Played (mode specific). The mission requirements also vary for the rank of the player and the game mode.
Only one of the 3 missions can be completed per day.
Examples of missions:


Kill 60 players in Egypt for a Recruit


Win 15 Search and Destroy games in Eagle Eyes for a Staff Sergeant.


Play 5 Team Death Match games in Prison


This mission records the number of kills a player has for a completed game on a specific map/mode. The mission is complete when the number of kills is equal to what is set for that specific mission. Note, you must complete the match to get the kills (see mission requirements below).

Games Won

This mission records the number of games won on a specific map. The mission is complete when the number of wins is equal to what is set for that specific mission.

Matches Played

This mission records the number of times a player joins and plays a complete game on a specific map. The mission is complete when the number of matches played is equal to what is set for that specific mission. Note, you must complete the match to get this reward (see mission requirements below).
To access the daily mission information, hover your mouse over the Mission Icon in the lobby window screen. Mission information displayed here will be relevant for your level.
Progress towards each mission will also be displayed here.
Mission progress, rewards and completion will also be displayed after each game played.


The rewards for the missions change month-to-month ranging from extra GP to extra EXP to a wide variety of items and weapons.
Rewards are handed out for completing one of the 3 missions per day. If the player completes one of the daily missions over consecutive days they will receive further bonuses. After 5, 10, 15, 20 missions are completed on consecutive days the player will receive the reward for each of those milestones.
There is also a bonus reward. With each mission completed the player will get a random Dog Tag. Complete the word CROSS FIRE with the dog tags and the player will win the bonus prize for that month.


There are minimum requirements to complete a mission. Unless these requirements are met the mission will not be completed and the reward will not be earned.


Game must be completed as normal. The player cannot enter in a game, score 25 kills and leave the game before the mission is over.


There must be a minimum of 6 people per game upon game completion. Games with less than 6 people will not complete the mission.


The game must be started with 100 kills (or higher) where applicable.


The game must have at least 25 kills in total.


The new mission system is now tied to your Rival Factions points. Missions completed will offer a point towards the player’s Rival Factions individual score and the overall Rival Factions clan scores.


One mission will offer 3 times the Rival Factions rewards


Rival Factions rewards will only be given to the players who have joined either Black List or Global Risk.


Daily and consecutive mission rewards like GP, EXP or items will still be given out regardless of what Rival Factions side the player is on.


There will be daily listed scores for both the Rival Factions clans and Individual Leaders.

Modes CrossFire - Badge system


Badges are a way to show off your achievements within the game. Complete tasks to earn badges which you can display amongst your peers while earning extra rewards for your account!
To see your badges click either your player profile or check the mission button. The Badges tab will be displayed, click that to see which badges you have earned and what the next requirements are.
When you complete the first goal for each of the class badges you will be able to “register your main badge”. This allows you to display your badge to other gamers.
To see how far along you are with your badge requirements, click the details button. This page will also show you which badges you have earned for what classes.


Rifles, Machine Guns, etc
Sniper Rifles
SMG, Pistols, Shotguns etc
Knives, Grenades, Pistols
Elite level badges are earned when you achieve one level of each class
As you complete each level of the badge you will earn rewards within the game.
As a bonus your kill marks within the game will also upgrade based on the registered badge you use. For each grade of badge your kill mark will upgrade. When you have achieved the highest level of a class (including elite) you will be awarded with a permanent Spray item which you can use to display your rank in game!



Rewards vary with each class of badge and with each upgrade.


Badge Goals are independent of each other. Once you achieve the level for 1 badge you must start the requirements for the next level.


Badge rewards are only earned on weapons you have. If you pick up a weapon in a game from someone else, you will not get the requirements for the badge.


The game must have at least 25 kills in total.




Eliminate all enemies!

Colombia has been a long-standing source of crime and drug trade.

Black List and Global Risk operatives have been engaged in conflict over the area for some time. Combat has
gotten so intense that rumours of a full-blown war have now spread to the frightened citizens of Colombia.

Global Risk is now preparing an evacuation plan in the event of total war.




Eliminate all enemies!

Suspicious movement from both Global Risk and Black List has been detected surrounding a nuclear power plant. The leaders of both Corporations have discovered that the plant is the base of a secret operation. By chance, both teams engaged the power plant at the same time.
However, the research team refuses to yield to the threat and continues their study.

Which team will survive to discover the plant’s secret?




Eliminate all enemies!




Eliminate all enemies!




Eliminate all enemies!